There is only one side to the stock market; not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.

Jesse Livermore

Success is not giving up when you want to quit.

Author Unknown

I never try to predict or anticipate. I only try to react to what the market is telling me by its behavior.

Jesse Livermore

A smooth sea never made a strong sailor.

Author Unknown

Greed, fear, impatience, and hope will all fight for mental dominance over the speculator.

Jesse Livermore

Minds are like parachutes; they function only when open.

Author Unknown

Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire, chances are it will burn very briefly.

Author Unknown

I trade on my own information and follow my own methods.

Jesse Livermore

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

In school, you get the lesson and then take the test. In life, you take the test and then get the lesson.

Author Unknown

Where Pattern, Price and Time Meet

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We launched TRADEAWAVE in January 2009 as the beginning of an online community for active traders, investors and market forecasters seeking a deeper understanding of Fibonacci and Elliott Wave theory.  We are not your ordinary trading website however.  Unlike others, who only focus on trade recommendations, we provide an extensive educational service utilizing a unique web based collaboration space.  Our goal is to teach you the skills necessary to end your dependency on others by ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to trade on your own.  We support new and experienced Fibonacci traders and Elliotticians, Elliott Wave technicians, alike.

As a subscriber, you have access to our one of a kind IMPACT ZONE™ Fibonacci and Elliott Wave educational tool.  The IMPACT ZONE™ tool exponentially accelerates your ability to identify the spot where the waves are most likely to break by determining where pattern, price and time meet.  While learning, you can watch our technicians apply this very effective leading form of analysis to the S&P 500 from within our chat room.  Utilizing the power of today’s technology, we share charts by means of live screen sharing and encourage two-way communication through video conferencing, text chat, presenter swap, whiteboard discussion, and file sharing from almost any device, anywhere in the world.  Our Elliotticians have personally applied this advanced knowledge to their own trading for many years and are here to help you develop your own skills and answer your questions.

We are proud to be affiliated with the industry’s premier software, service and information providers.  Rest assured, we actually use every product we recommend.  Should you choose to mirror our technicians in utilizing these very same products, additional benefits are available that help you accelerate your development as a master Elliottician.

Join us where pattern, price and time meet and, together, we will ride the next big market wave!

Shawn Montazemi, Chief Elliottician

Shawn Montazemi is the authority on the application of Fibonacci and Elliott Wave theory for technical trading and forecasting market direction.  He has substantial direct experience in the analysis of pattern, price and time for short-term, long-term, and intraday trading and investing.

Like many technical traders, Shawn started off learning and attempting to apply various technical theories.  His experience was always the same though.  Most technical analysis consists of lagging indicators.  They only confirmed what you already suspected.  This frustrated him, as in application, these practices didn’t significantly improve his trading.  He felt as though he was just spinning his wheels.  That is when a fellow trader turned him onto Fibonacci and Elliott Waves as a way to identify patterns, in what for all intents and purposes appears to be random market behavior.

After doing a bit of reading, the theory showed much promise for Shawn.  He saw how, if it worked, it could present a powerful advantage over other technical theories.  This begun an extensive period of learning for him that spanned several years.  He read what little information was available on the topic and began attempting to work through its practical application.  It took his personally compiling various aspects of several early practitioners' learnings to really begin to make sense of how to use it.  That’s when the light bulbs started coming on.

Unlike others who understood the theory as applied to pattern and price only, Shawn took the time to truly understand how all three elements of pattern, price, and time ("PPT") must be considered and carefully monitored to ensure an accurate application of the theory and, in turn, its successful, repeatable application as a leading indicator.

Shawn now enjoys sharing his expertise with others and wants to make an impact.  Throughout his early years trying to become an independent trader, he, like many others, tried countless services with the promise of an education and the ability to break free and excel on his own.  Those services consistently dangled a carrot they had no intention of providing.  Questions were left unanswered.  Requests for explanations were simply met by offers of expensive mentoring sessions.  This experience, like that of many others, left him disappointed.  So, now that he’s unlocked the key to consistent, calculated application of Fibonacci and Elliott Wave theory, he’s chosen to do what others only promise, teach you to fish…and reap the benefits! 

TRADEAWAVE is the vehicle by which he will deliver his unique, specialized knowledge to those like-minded individuals in the trading community.

Shawn holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky.  The eight years he spent actively working as an electrical engineer, followed by his pursuit and utilization of various information technology certifications, as he later delved into the computer sciences, have equipped him with a unique ability to find and use the science within very abstract conceptual models.

Davina Eccard, Director of Operations

Davina Eccard is the business director for the back office workings of TRADEAWAVE, LLC.  Some of her responsibilities include oversight of the development and maintenance of our website, the establishment of new and preservation of existing affiliate partnerships and ensuring the highest level of satisfaction among our subscribers.

Davina has over fifteen years experience delivering superior results in the fields of program and project management.  Her experience successfully managing global teams and multi-vendor initiatives, in numerous roles, is being put to good use at TRADEAWAVE.  Her broad technical background and strong communication skills have contributed greatly to our success.  Davina holds credentials from the University of Cincinnati, Boston University and George Washington University.

Davina has been successfully applying Fibonacci and Elliott Wave theory to her own trading since 2007.

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